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Smart Steps for Healthier Entertaining

There’s so much to think about when hosting a party - the menu, the guest list, the ambience. But very rarely do we think about taking steps for you and your guests to stay healthy when entertaining, especially during peak flu and cold seasons. So when prepping for your next event, take the following steps recommended by GOJO, the inventors of Purell " hand sanitizer:


Clean work areas before and after cooking. You may be great at clean-up after preparing food, but it’s also wise to disinfect your kitchen sink and countertops before you start cooking as well. Use a broad-spectrum, one-step surface disinfectant that is safe around children and pets, and has a rapid germ kill. To prevent cross-contamination, use paper towels instead of a sponge.  


Target frequently touched surfaces. Both before and after your party, disinfect high-touch areas, such as door knobs, handrails, light switches, refrigerator handles and remote controls. These are the things everyone in your family touches all the time, so make sure they stay clean. Again, using paper towels will reduce the spread of germs


Wash your hands frequently when preparing food. Make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before, during and after preparing food, as well as after handling raw meats and produce.


Be meticulous in the kitchen. It’s unpleasant to think about, but areas where food is prepared contain more bacteria and contamination than any other place in the home, according to the National Sanitation Foundation. Keep in mind that treated surfaces must remain wet for the contact time listed on the disinfectant's label. And always use separate cutting boards for raw meats, fruits and vegetables.


Keep hand sanitizer at the ready. Did you know that more than 80 percent of illnesses are transmitted by the hands? That’s why having hand sanitizer easily accessible to your family and guests is a great way to prevent germs from spreading. Place hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol near your front door, in the bathroom and in areas where food is being served and eaten.


Prepare your bathroom. Place a full liquid soap by the sink and a stack of hand towels or paper guest napkins nearby. Of course, empty the trash, disinfect the sink, faucet, countertop and toilet before guests arrive and after they leave.


Taking these precautions will help you and your family stay healthy, and prevent guests illness among your guests as well. For more tips, visit the CDC website.

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