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Tech Gifts Can Make Resolutions a Reality

(Family Features)--While many people who make New Year's resolutions drop them within a couple weeks or months, pulling those newly received tech device gifts out of the packaging and putting them to good use may be just the help you need to keep your resolutions on track. 


Learn how to get the most out of your tech with these tips from the experts at Amazon.


Prioritize Personal Goals 

The most common resolutions are centered around getting healthy or simply living life to its fullest. If you need help staying motivated and keeping your health goals on track, you may be able to rely on Echo, Fire TV or Kindle devices and a voice service like Alexa as partners in your personal health journey:


Inspire you in the kitchen. Get some extra help or healthy recipe inspiration in the kitchen - just ask for "healthy recipes" - or catch on-demand episodes of food and cooking TV shows, and when you see a recipe you like, just ask to save it. You can also access live and on-demand cooking classes, get step-by-step cooking instructions and more.


Create a bedtime routine. A good night's sleep is key to physical and mental help, and you can set up a nighttime routine with your smart home devices with options like a reminder to meditate, dimming the lights and turning on one of dozens of different soothing sounds to help lull you into a restful sleep that can be activated just by saying "good night." 


Prioritize some "me" time. Ask for daily affirmations to start on a positive note or ask for a guided meditation to take a break from a busy day. An e-reader like the single-purpose Kindle can be another companion for taking a moment to unwind from the hustle and bustle without the potential for interruptions from emails or texts. You can select from millions of books, newspapers and audiobooks, and adjustable lighting lets you read comfortably whether you're indoors or out, day or night.


Get Organized

You may be surprised by how a voice service like Alexa can bring some much-needed organization and peace of mind to your home.


- Set up routines. If you need to know the weather, traffic and headlines before you head out the door for work or want your coffee pot to start brewing as soon as your alarm goes off, you can create a custom routine with your smart devices. 


- Create reminders. If it seems as if you are always forgetting to turn on the dishwasher or need an extra push to clean out the garage, set a reminder on your device to provide you with the audible motivation you need to get tasks done. Or, if you struggle to find time to get to the gym for a daily workout, set a reminder to launch a fitness app on your smart TV or streaming media player to get some exercise at home. 


- Manage your shopping list. Missing an ingredient while cooking or forgetting the office potluck can be problems of the past. Maintain a list to help you remember groups of information, even if you're busy doing something else: Just say: "Alexa, add (item) to my shopping list." You can also view your shopping list in the app and check items off your list while at the store.


Source: Amazon

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